About us       A long time ago Lisa, and Chris came to work with Art (that’s me) making us the original elders. In 1993 Chris was an installer looking for pallet pricing on tile.  In secret, he was a musician with a desire to play guitar like Van Halen. So I hired him.  After 25+ years he thinks he is a partner so I allow him to join me  every night in our cigar room. (like Denny Crane and Allen from “Boston Legal”)  There we ponder the  problems of the day and counsel each other Lisa started work here in 1996. She was just a young girl teaching dance at Karla Pattavina’s Dance Academy out of Haverhill MA.  She is now married with two young girls. Good luck with that! We all know how tough marriage is. I would say how old her girls are but then I will have to update this page every year. There is a strong Haverhill connection to Instock Flooring.  Both Lisa and Chris are from Haverhill.  Both my sons and daughter are from Haverhill.  Chris, Conor, Jay and Lisa, are from haverhill.  I am from the Cape and though I am reminded that  I have lived in Haverhill for 30+ years I remind them that I still have no clue as to where Lafayette Square is. Jay is a good friend of Kenny (son#1) Jay manages the warehouse and makes deliveries and is so good at what he does that there is little chance of promotion for him. Conor is a friend of kenny (son#1) Con thinks he is a professional softball player,  as if that exist!  We let him deal with our retail customers because they like him so much.  Our builders like him for other reasons. Sam (son #2) works as an accountant,  20/20 designing cabinets, web designer, measures and quotes jobs, helps Jay in the warehouse and beats me in tetris 2 on SNES. Cat came from a cabinet background.  She acts so happy all the time that I suspect it is just a mask.  I do  not know what she is hiding but I am determined to find out.  Her daughter, Kitty?, helps out on Saturdays. In any case, we have a great gang and it is never boring to work here.  We are guided by 3 simple rules: 1.  Builders must be nice or they must pay on time. 2.  Unless ordained we are not allowed to bless anyone….best not to sneeze! 3.  Stay out of politics!   When we first opened our store we had a sign that read “Republicans welcome”on one side and  “Democrats welcome” on the other side.  That was a big mistake! 
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